In 1989 Scandinavian Trading Company AB (STC) was acquired from the Volvo Group. STC worked with international fruit and vegetable trading, among other things. During 1990s the companies Ewerman and Allfrukt were acquired, which today form the basis of the STC Greenfood business area. In 1992 Interfinans and STC were merged to form and single group – STC Interfinans. A few years into the 1990s the build-up of a business for ready-cut vegetables and fruit was initiated. Today this business is conducted within the STC GreenFood business area by companies such as Salico AB and Salico Oy.

Holger Hjelm passed way in 2004. At this time, ownership of STC Interfinans had been transferred to a private foundation. Following Holger Helm's death, work was begun on streamlining the Group's businesses. The long-term goal was to strengthen its positions in fruits and vegetables – such as through add-on acquisitions – continued organic growth, and to take advantage of synergies within the Group. Parallel with this, STC Interfinans has identified exciting growth opportunities in both its forestry and real estate businesses.

History - From Diversity To Streamlining

The company that is today Interfinans was founded by businessman and entrepreneur Holger Hjelm in the early 1950s. The business was later brought into the fold of Interfinans, a business and industrial conglomerate that had a broad focus on international trade and agency operations in various industries, including steel, oil products, real estate, securities, building material, food, machinery and vehicles, engineering products, and pulp and paper trading.

Holger Hjelm was an adept businessman with a broad international network, and over time oil trading, building materials, and pulp and paper trading attained ever-greater focus. In 1985 Interfinans acquired the company Åkers, which has been developed into a leading manufacturer of rolls for the steel industry. This position was attained through a combination of add-on acquisitions – both in Europe and the USA – and organic development of Åkers. In 2008 the Group divested its principal ownership in Åkers to Altor Equity Partners and persisted with a 15% minority stake. In 2012, in conjuction with a restructuring and capitalization of Åkers Group, Altor acquired remaining 15%. 

During the 1980s a real estate business began to be built up within the Group. The property portfolio has been gradually built up and today covers nearly 97,500 sq.m., mainly residential and commercial properties. In 2000 Interfinans acquired Åkers Kronopark, a land parcel covering approximately 6,000 hectares, including approximately 4,500 hectares of productive forestland. In addition to being used for commercial forestry operations, Kronopark is a popular recreation area.